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Lauren Taylor

Lauren Taylor and Family
Hello! Thank you for your interest in my work or training with me! A little about me — My name is Lauren Taylor and I was born and raised in Washington State. I work from my home studio 2 weeks of the month and train artists from all over the world at my Tukwilla location the other 2 weeks of the month! I have a very artistic background, have been trained under many great masters and permanent makeup artists, pride myself on being detail-orientated, have the heart to teach students proper technique, and wholeheartedly love the permanent makeup industry
I want a happy client that leaves their treatment feeling understood, appreciated, and with a newfound confidence in the way they look! Another extremely important goal of mine is healed results! This should be your deciding factor when choosing an artist for your permanent makeup, or an artist to train under. I frequently preach “fresh work is an art, healed work is a skill”.
I truly want to build a relationship of trust and respect with EVERYONE that comes to see me. Whether that’s for permanent makeup or training. There’s nothing more honoring than having a client sit in my chair and say “do your thing, I trust you!”, or students that tell me they have a newfound passion to do permanent makeup after training with me.
Along with my passion for art and permanent makeup I created my successful permanent makeup Facebook group to inspire other artists. I’ve been featured twice on the AAM (American Association of Micro-pigmentation) podcast along with some of the greatest PMU artists in the world! I feel truly honored they reached out so I could help and inspire new PMU artists grow their business. I have 2 successful online permanent makeup courses that have been sold all around the world, and artists reach out to me several times a day to tell me how life-changing these courses have been to their careers. My permanent makeup career is vigorous but I continue to stay driven and feel inspired due to my passion for helping clients achieve their permanent makeup goals. Many times clients ask if I’ll transition to teaching only. No!!!! My love for art would never allow that. I also stay driven because of my passion for teaching students in-depth proper permanent makeup techniques while inspiring other women to believe in themselves. Helping them believe they can accomplish their goals, and stay undoubtedly successful if they put in the hard work. Sometimes you just need that little push from another woman!
In short, I love this Industry deeply. I live, breathe, and sleep this life. I’m deeply grateful for all of my clients, future clients, and students. I truly am one of the lucky few that LOVE their career. I can only hope that you see my passion come through in the work I do, or my devotion while training artists. I would be honored to have you as my lifelong client or student!

Lauren Taylor

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